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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Switch Mode Power Supply 12V 8A

The UCC3807 family of high speed, low power integrated circuits contains all of the control and drive circuitry required for off-line and dc-to-dc fixed frequency current mode switching power supplies with minimal external parts count.

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These devices are similar to the UCC3800 family, but with the added feature of a user programmable maximum duty cycle. Oscillator frequency and maximum duty cycle are programmed with two resistors and a capacitor. The UCC3807 family also features internal full cycle soft start and internal leading edge blanking of the current sense input.

The UCC3807 family offers a variety of package options, temperature range options, and choice of critical voltage levels. The family has UVLO thresholds and hysteresis levels for off-line and battery powered systems. Thresholds are shown in the table below.

The circuit shown above illustrates the use of the UCC3807 in a typical 100-W, 200-kHz, universal input forward converter produces a regulated 12VDC at 8 Amps. The programmable maximum duty cycle of the UCC3807 allows operation down to 80VRMS and up to 265VRMS with a simple RCD clamp to limit the MOSFET voltage and provide core reset. In this application the maximum duty cycle is set to about 65%. Another feature of the design is the use of a flyback winding on the output filter choke for both bootstrapping and voltage regulation. This method of loop closure eliminates the optocoupler and secondary side regulator, common to most off-line designs, while providing good line and load regulation.

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