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Saturday, April 18, 2009

DC Servo Amplifier with Negative Feedback

And negative feedback amplifier voltage than current negative feedback amplifier as excellent transient nonlinear distortion and intermodulation distortion characteristics, the frequency amplifier curve flat, high and low frequency response more exhibition wide; more important is that circuit Will load impedance into the feedback network, it can change the speakers of such fierce resistance to the load compensation, coupled with stable and reliable performance, than the negative feedback voltage amplifier has more advantages, the current negative feedback current amplifier is widely For the modern high-fidelity audio amplifier.

Circuit above is an excellent performance, improve the design of the fever-100 W × 2 DC Servo Amplifier current negative feedback stereo amplifier, formed by the two TDA7294, the frequency response of 10 Hz ~ 100kHz. The use of sophisticated audio Yun-double as the two-channel amplifier DC Servo Amplifier output. Speakers from the protection of ASIC μPC1237HA driver completed the relay switch-mute and amplifier output DC offset protection, and other speakers. When the AC power plug, the relay will be delayed for some time speakers access amplifier; disconnecting the AC power when, μPC1237HA detected exchange loss, immediately disconnect the speaker to relay, the amplifier is the complete elimination of the set, Shutting down the transition process the impact of noise on the speakers.

In actual use, taking into account the electricity grid fluctuations Rectifier amplifier output voltage ± Vs volatile, in order to avoid over-voltage and high temperature in the state of damage TDA7294 (Note pressure in the temperature of 25 ℃ under the conditions, if the temperature exceeds 25 ℃, TDA7294 the value will subsequently reduce the pressure), the exchange recommended power supply voltage transformer CT-AC26V × 2.

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