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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Universal Input Linear Fluorescent Ballast


  • Drives one 35 W TL5 Lamp
  • Input Voltage: 80 VAC to 260 VAC
  • High Power Factor/Low THD
  • High Frequency Operation
  • Lamp Filament Preheating
  • Lamp Fault Protection with Auto-Restart
  • Low AC Line Protection
  • End of Lamp Life Shutdown
  • IRS2166D(S)PbF HVIC Ballast Controller
The Board is a high efficiency, high power factor, fixed output electronic ballast designed for driving rapid start fluorescent lamp types. The design contains an EMI filter, active power factor correction and a ballast control circuit using the IRS2166D(S)PbF Ballast Control IC1.

The Board consists of an EMI filter, an active power factor correction section, a ballast control section and a resonant lamp output stage. The active power factor correction section is a boost converter operating in critical conduction mode, free-running frequency mode. The ballast control section provides frequency modulation control of a traditional RCL lamp resonant output circuit and is easily adaptable to a wide variety of lamp types. The ballast control section also provides the necessary circuitry to perform lamp fault detection, shutdown and auto-restart.

This board is designed for single TL5/35W Lamp, voltage mode heating (JV1 and JV2 mounted, JC1 and JC2 not mounted). TL5 lamps are becoming more popular due to their lower profile and higher lumen/ watt output. These lamps, however, can be more difficult to control due to their higher ignition and running voltages. A typical ballast output stage using current-mode filament heating (filament placed inside L-C tank) will result in excessive filament current during running. The output stage has therefore been configured for voltage-mode filament heating using secondary windings off of the resonant inductor LRES. The lamp has been placed outside the under-damped resonant circuit loop, which consist of LRES and CRES. The filament heating during preheat can be adjusted with the capacitors CH1 and CH2. The result is a more flexible ballast output stage necessary for fulfilling the lamp requirements. The DC blocking capacitor, CDC, is also placed outside the under-damped resonant circuit loop such that it does not influence the natural resonance frequency of LRES and CRES. The snubber capacitor, CSNUB, serves as charge pump for supplying the IRS2166D.

The IRS2166D Ballast Control IC is used to program the ballast operating points and protect the ballast against conditions such as lamp strike failures, low DC bus, thermal overload or lamp failure during normal operations. It is also used to regulate the DC bus and for power factor control allowing high power factor and low harmonic distortion.

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