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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Power Supply Circuit 12-15 Volt 20A

Output voltage of the power supply circuit is adjustable from fine potensiometer from 12V to 15v. It is suitable for all 12V power supply devices, or devices which are normally connected to a 12V battery or a vehicle with a 12V power supply system. This tension is usually 13.8 V.

For above reason, The Power Supply is also set to this tension, all right, however, any voltage from 12V to 14V. In this case, the tension is set somewhere around 13.6 V. To provide tension resistance in addition to voltage regulator 78S12. Instead potentiometer 100R inserted resistor 56R.

The scheme of the power supply is simple, but it is partly taken from some of the schemes taken up in the past. The material used is easily obtainable in electronic component shops, and this was the condition when I started to design this power supply.

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